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bleach rangiku death

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While managing to escape the rampage of Ashisogi Jizō's Bankai, Rangiku and her fellow lieutenants soon succumbed to its poison. Elle partage aussi le goût très étrange d'Orihime en ce qui concerne les aliments. More specifically, she not only had steadfast loyalty for Aizen, but she risked life and limb to bail Rangiku out of a losing situation against Halibel's three fracciones. 88%. Elle est rejointe dans la bataille par Shūhei Hisagi, parmi tant d'autres. By Tolulanguy Jul 17, 2020. [122], Shunpo Practitioner: While Rangiku's true skill in Shunpo is unknown, she is skillful enough to keep up with her captain. To aid in their mission they dress as students at Ichigo Kurosaki's school. She then tells Gin to put away his sword, as if he doesn't, she will be his opponent. [24] After Gin retreats, she wonders where Ichimaru will go from there. Unarmed, Rangiku is forced to evade the Reigai's attacks as he moves too fast for her to use Kidō while she tries to get near enough to pick up Haineko. Bien que cela prenne l'apparence de cendres dispersées, chacune particule est une minuscule épée. Rangiku rentre alors dans un conflit verbal avec Apache et Mila Rose qui finissent par se quereller entre elles, avant d'être critiquée par Sun d'avoir l'air faibles. She also shares Orihime's very strange taste in food. Death note par rangiku le 15 Jan. 2012 » Tous les Quizz: 1848 Quizz joués - 82 % . Quelques jours plus tard, Rangiku s'entraîne pour atteindre le Bankai et se querelle avec Yumichika à propos des similitudes de personnalité entre Shinigami et Zanpakutō, forçant Hitsugaya à leur crier dessus pour qu'ils se taisent. Elle informe Don Kanonji qu'elle va s'occuper d'Aizen et de Gin et qu'il devrait récupérer la fille et s'enfuir, or lorsqu'il proteste, elle le menace de le frapper, forçant Kanonji à attraper Tatsuki et de s'en aller. Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki finds himself saving two different girls over two different story arcs, each with its share of angst and pining. Rangiku se précipita alors pour retrouver Hitsugaya. He notes that she can't carry around that weight. She asks why Haineko chose not to tell her. Rangiku worked her way up to the lieutenant of the 10th Division where she served under Captain Isshin Shiba. As he goes to punch her, Rangiku simply blocks it with her forearm and tells him that he is slow and states that upon his arrival he showed great speed, she then asks that he do so again. Momo then notes that the creature has taken out everything under her ribs on the right side and she can't breathe like that, but the creature attacks Momo as well, taking her out with one punch to her stomach sending her flying. She likes Japanese dancing, and in addition to her shihakushō robes, she enjoys buying superfluous amounts of clothing from various department stores in the Human world. [20], Rangiku and all of the other lieutenants are alerted when Momo lets out a scream, causing them all to rush to the scene. Rangiku listens as Izuru deduces that Shinigami were likely involved in the disappearance of the Rukongai denizens. While thus occupied with their own thoughts, a message comes via a Jigokuchō for them stating that the execution of Rukia Kuchiki was being pushed forward. Toshiro is a serious, mature, young-looking captain in Soul Society. In addition, her lieutenant's armband is worn on her uniform's sash, as opposed to around the arm. Rangiku conjuring Haineko into a twister. She has taken a direct hit from Ayon, resulting in the loss of the entire right side of her abdomen and survived.[129]. When Rangiku says that she's never seen it despite all that they've been through, suggesting that he is faking it, Hisagi tries to defend himself after both Kensei and Hitsugaya also state that they've never seen it. The first edition would e dedicated to Humans like Orihime and Shinigami, the Second edition would be … Rangiku and the rest of Hitsugaya's team arrive. [121] Rangiku can also use Hadō #31. A no ser que se encuentre en un gigai, Matsumoto viste con el uniforme estándar de Shinigami, que luce con un amplio escote. What do you think about the relationship between Gin and Rangiku, platonic, romantic? Matsumoto essaya de le raisonner, mais Kira refusa de lui répondre, car, d'après lui, elle allait mourir. Rangiku apparaît dans la vraie ville de Karakura Town qui se trouve dans la Soul Society lorsque Don Kanonji tente de se battre contre Aizen et Gin. She listens as Hitsugaya states that he will use his Bankai while she is with him and once it is sealed, they will fight together and devise a method to break the seal.[106]. [75] She tells Kanonji that she will handle Gin and Aizen and that he should take the girls and run. She then yelled at him for "lying there crying about it and not standing up like a man", although it was her who knocked him down with her large breasts in the first place, but he shook her off and ran away. Tsunade vs. Rangiku Matsumoto is a What-If? [45] Upon the battle's completion, Rangiku runs to Hitsugaya's aid as he has sustained many wounds and she calls for Orihime's assistance to heal him. As she yelled at a shop keeper who was being rude to him, Hitsugaya turned around and was knocked down by bumping into her bosom. She carries her Zanpakutō behind her back. Rangiku est premièrement vue en train d'essayer de relâcher son Zanpakutō, Haineko, afin d'atteindre le Bankai pour pouvoir se battre sur un pied d'égalité avec les adversaires que la Soul Society a récemment combattu. See more ideas about Rangiku matsumoto, Matsumoto, Bleach. Rangiku has long and wavy blond hair, blue eyes, full lips, and a beauty mark located under the right side of her mouth. Après avoir guérie, Rangiku se rend dans le Monde Humain avec d'autres Shinigamis pour aider à combattre Muramasa. Sawatari retreats after this, and Sado collapses from exhaustion.[35]. Elle retrouve un Gin à terre et crie son nom. Then Hitsugaya realizes the only possible scenario is that they were killed before they were sealed in and that all the recent orders have been in fact false. The English dub has her inner monologue directed to Izuru while the Japanese version and the manga both have it directed to Ichimaru. Tite Kudo a récemment dévoiler dans un magazine, qu'il ne voulait pas créer des histoires d'amour dans Bleach car cela pourrait ennuyer certains lecteurs, et de plus c'est un shonen manga. La insignia de Teniente , al contrario que su… Lieutenant Marenoshin Ōmaeda • Chikane Iba • Seinosuke Yamada • Ginjirō Shirogane • Jinemon Kotsubaki • Yachiru Kusajishi • Hiyori Sarugaki, Captain Retsu Unohana • Kenpachi Kiganjō • Jūshirō Ukitake • Kenpachi Kuruyashiki, Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe • Sōjun Kuchiki • Nemu Kurotsuchi • Kaien Shiba, 3rd Seats Heizō Kasaki • Miyako Shiba • Rikū Togakushi, 4th Seat Shinobu Eishima • 5th Seat Taketsuna Gori, The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc (anime only). Lorsque l'Arrancar va la frapper, Rangiku l'arrête avec son avant-bras et lui dit qu'il est devenu lent, déclarant qu'en arrivant, il était beaucoup plus rapide, et lui demande ensuite de le faire encore une fois. Nanao opens a Senkaimon and the pair enter the Dangai, noting that while it is the designated path, it is creepy. Haineko (灰猫, "chat de cendres"): La forme du Zanpakutō est celle d'un katana à lame droite. Toute la cendre qui encercle ses adversaires peut également être son épée. [19] When the report is made that intruders have invaded the Seireitei Rangiku is among the others gathered at the meeting who are informed of those missing in action. At night, when most of the high-ranking Gotei 13 members are gathered at Sōkyoku Hill, Haineko passes her and tells her former owner to move. Force élevée: Malgré son apparence hautement féminine, Rangiku a démontré être étonnement forte. Au début, Hitsugaya ne comprenait pas ce dont elle parlait, mais elle plaça calmement une main sur sa poitrine et lui demanda s'il entendait une voix l'appeler. Ce fut à cette époque que Gin demanda à Rangiku quelle était la date de son anniversaire. After all, what's the point of saving both the world of the living and the dead, if not for love? Elle porte l'école uniforme avec plusieurs boutons défaits afin qu'elle puisse révéler sa poitrine très amplement comme elle le fait habituellement dans la Soul Society avec son uniforme du Gotei 13. En el pasado, Rangiku llevaba esta misma tela atada a su cuello. In response, Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun then attempt an attack on Yamamoto, only to be burned effortlessly by his Shikai. Rangiku replied that she did not know as she never counted days until she met him. Gin répondit simplement qu'il avait décidé de devenir un Shinigami et qu'il changerait les choses et qu'il ferait en sorte que Rangiku cesse de pleurer. At first, Tite Kubo’s Bleach seemed like a series where the line between bad guys and good one was fairly clear. Hitsugaya along with Rangiku and the 10th Division are given the task of watching over the gate to the Kasumiōji manor. Rangiku reprend conscience lors du combat d'Ichigo Kurosaki contre Gin Ichimaru, et voit Gin se battre. Lorsque l'Espada #6, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, mène une attaque sur le Monde Humain, Rangiku arrive sur le toit de l'immeuble d'Orihime pour rencontrer Hitsugaya. When questioned, they insist that only three hours have passed since Hitsugaya ordered them to return.[91]. She recognizes that he must have spiritual power too; Gin confirms that he too has spirit power and proceeds to introduce himself. His lieutenant was Izuru Kira Another time Rangiku was censored was in Chapter 209: Lift the Limit, in Viz's Shonen Jump magazine. Carrying a presence with her that strikes all with pure awe when they lay their eyes upon her, Rangiku is a woman that is physically refined in appearance to a point that many men perceive her beauty as perfection itself. Her easy-going and free-spirited personality makes a sharp contrast to the serious Hitsugaya, but the two seem to be quite close regardless. Bleach: Manga: Fairy tail: One piece: Jeux vidéo: 2 Quizz créés: 45903ème 12. She notes that it will take at least half a day to unite everyone. [89], While searching for Tōjū with Haineko and members of the 10th Division, Matsumoto helps defeat several Tōjū. Lorsque le Lieutenant de la Septième Division, Tetsuzaemon Iba, note que le Quatrième siège de sa Division est également porté disparu, Rangiku lui demande si c'est Jirōbō, le Kamaitachi, et Iba lui répond que c'est probablement le cas. Gin attrape alors Rangiku et l'emmène quelques immeubles plus loin, jusqu'à ce que Rangiku lui dise de la lâcher, ce dernier l'envoyant sur le toit d'un bâtiment, et elle atterrit sans mal. Gin often left without telling Rangiku where he was going, usually leaving her upset. Rangiku joins her allies in destroying several Gillian attracted by the unstable Muramasa. Appearance . Elle s'habille en costume typique de Shinigami, même si elle laisse pendre ses vêtements de façon à révéler très amplement sa poitrine. [87], In Soul Society, the Shinigami of the Gotei 13 are allowed to enjoy a day of relaxation and partying to recuperate from the recent chaos. Rukia, Sode no Shirayuki, and Senbonzakura throw a party to try to lure out a rampant Tōjū, during which Rangiku holds nothing back as she enjoys drinking large amounts of drinks with Haineko, resulting in her inebriation. Rangiku se dit à elle-même que Momo a effectué ces enchantements seule et se demande quand est-ce qu'elle est devenue si forte, mais est heureuse qu'elle aille mieux. She also shares Orihime's strange taste in food. Elles les trouvent avec Ashisogi Jizō, attaquant Iba et Isane. June 8, 2017 DêvilReject . You're my kryptonite Rangiku~An Rangiku and Gin bleach fanfic. Further than that, the 13 seals of protection were still active and there were no signs of intrusion. Discover (and save!) Hitsugaya continues his work and tells her that he is a captain so therefore of course he knows. Rangiku criticizes him for this, but he tells her they have their own opponents. [8] In fact, she would even consider stripping naked if no one compliments her on her outfit, regardless of how skimpy it may be.[9]. She informs them that they should watch out as the ash will cut anyone it touches, but the three tell her that she has underestimated them and combine their Cero to blast their way through, much to Rangiku's surprise before she tries to attack them again. Elle est plus tard vue par Izuru, courant dans la direction de leur combat. Elle prit un coup direct de la créature Hollow Ayon, causant la perte de l'entière partie de son flanc droit, et restant tout de même vivante. Matsumoto est vue grièvement blessée, voire morte après une intervention de Kang Du pendant que son capitaine, Toshiro Hitsugaya, se faisait vaincre par Bazz-B. Momo and Rangiku confront their Zanpakutō Spirits. Through sheer imagination in conjunction with her Zanpakutō's special ability, Rangiku has become skilled at taking on large groups at once. Peu de temps après. She wears the school uniform with several buttons undone so that she can reveal her ample bosom as she usually does in the Soul Society with her Gotei 13 uniform. Rangiku et les autres assistent au suicide d'Amagai en raison de ses actes honteux. Elle lui fit remarquer que sa grand-mère eut froid, et Hitsugaya constata, pour la première fois, que la température de la pièce dans laquelle ils dormaient glaciale et que sa grand-mère tremblait de froid. As a lieutenant, she is extremely casual around him, almost constantly by his side and showing deep loyalty to him on several occasions, even though her laziness frequently annoys him. D'ordinaire, elle sèche ses devoirs, mais en cas de crise elle se montre digne de son rang d'officier en second. He remains on the ground in pain, enabling Haineko to challenge Matsumoto, stating that she will have to kill both of them as Tōjū. Byakuya explique davantage que, étant donné que le clan Kasumiōji est une famille noble avec un statut spécial, le Gotei 13 ne pourrait jamais interférer avec eux, sauf s'ils violent une loi grave. Rangiku dit alors que s'il était devenu trop lourd pour elle, elle ne le porterait pas. Unable to get a clear answer, Rangiku tells her of how a thief has been stealing supplies and asks if Haineko knows anything about it. Tier: 7-C. Name: Rangiku Matsumoto Origin: Bleach Gender: Female Age: Unknown Classification: Shinigami, Lieutenant of the 10th Division Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Swordsmanship, … Experte Tacticienne: Rangiku s'est révélée être assez intelligente lorsqu'il le faut, notamment lors de son combat contre Nakeem qu'elle a trompé en lui faisant croire qu'elle était inconsciente afin d'obtenir les libérations des limites plus rapidement, mais également lors du combat contre la Fracción d'Harribel, les causant à se disputer entre elles pour les vaincre avec une attaque concentrée. Rangiku, on the other hand, is a flippant, goofy, and buxom lieutenant. Ichimaru admit qu'il en avait également et se présenta. Le moment où elle sortit de l'Académie et le moment où elle devint vice-capitaine de la Dixième Division sont inconnus. 0. Dans la Soul Society, les Shinigamis du Gotei 13 sont autorisés à prendre un jour de repos et faire la fête, afin de récupérer leurs forces en vue du récent chaos. Il conseille Hitsugaya de protéger Momo, plutôt que de le pourchasser, expliquant qu'elle n'eut aucun mal à se libérer d'une des cellules de la Dixième Division ainsi que de la barrière qu'Hitsugaya avait installée et comment elle s'y était pris. She is not above using her considerable feminine charms to get her way, as shown when she tries - albeit unsuccessfully - to bribe Ichigo Kurosaki into letting her stay at his house. Elle porte son Zanpakutō à sa hanche. The Bleach story tells of how Ichigo Kurosaki becomes substitute Soul Reaper in Karakura Town in place of Rukia Kuchiki.He … This offended Rangiku, who felt that she should be next in line. This is an action story where … Après que Rangiku et ses alliés aient vaincu les Gillians restants, Ichigo apparaît du dôme détruit avec un Muramasa vaincu. Gin Ichimaru (市丸 ギン, Ichimaru Gin) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.He was the captain of the 3rd Division in the Gotei 13 until he betrays Soul Society, and after that becomes a commander in Sōsuke Aizen's arrancar army. Rangiku Matsumoto (松本 乱菊, Matsumoto Rangiku) is the lieutenant of the 10th Division of the Gotei 13, serving under Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Bleach: Secret Intentions. She then silently thanks him as she loved that part of him. En apprenant qu'Orihime a suivit les Arrancars au Hueco Mundo, Hitsugaya et le reste de son équipe rentrent à la Soul Society pour préparer la guerre contre Aizen. Platinum Equinox 1,565 views. She tells him that he is losing control and becoming a Tōjū. Elle ajoute que cela prendra une demi-journée pour réunir tout le monde. Dec 16, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by izumi martial. Lorsqu'Hitsugaya demanda à Izuru s'il était derrière la mort des 46, celui-ci le nia, et déclara qu'il était arrivé juste après eux. Quickly, Rangiku and Haineko get in another argument about each others' appearances. [15] Later that night, Rangiku followed Hitsugaya home and was there when he woke up. [34] She also tries to cheer up Sado when he blames himself over Ururu's capture. 82%. Quand elle a envie de boire, elle trouve des gens libres et les invite à sortir avec elle, puis elle s'arrange pour ne pas payer. Lorsqu'Haineko revient, elle l'informe qu'elle a trouvé et tué un Tōjū. Gin opens his eye a bit, directing his stare at Ichigo. This is a list of Soul Reapers (死神, Shinigami, literally, "death gods") featured in the manga and anime series Bleach, created by Tite Kubo.Soul Reapers are a fictional race of spirits who govern the flow of souls between the human world and the afterlife realm called the Soul Society.. Gin simply replied that he had decided to become a Shinigami and change things, so that they would end without making her cry. Later on, his initial betrayal turns out to be a trick to get close to Aizen, and he attempts to kill him. Plus tard, Haineko demande à Rangiku s'il est possible qu'un Tōjū ne devienne pas agressif. Rangiku tries to reason with him, but Izuru refuses to answer her further. Aizen se dirige vers eux tandis que Rangiku pleure, or l'attention d'Aizen est retenue par l'arrivée d'Ichigo, ainsi que de son père inconscient, qui le confronte. And among the Lieutenants, Rangiku is quite talented. Rangiku est laissée sérieusement blessée au niveau de son cou et inconsciente, tandis que Gin s'en allait. Elle se plaint alors, déclarant que techniquement, étant donné que c'est son Capitaine qui dirige la mission, c'est elle qui devrait être chef, et rejoint Chad, Ururu Tsumugiya et Noba qui combattent Sawatari. Rangiku conserve Haineko derrière elle accroché à son obi de taille. However, this edit was removed in Viz's English release of Volume 24: The theme song that Kubo chose for Rangiku is "C'etait La Belle Vie" by the artist, Rangiku was voted the 39th most popular character in the. She then uses Haineko to attack the Arrancar from a different angle, but Apacci blocks the attack with a Cero blast, then proceeds to attack Rangiku one on one, but she is interrupted when she is blasted by a fireball from Momo Hinamori's Zanpakutō. Rangiku, surprise, touche son collier, voyant Gin s'approcher d'elle et lui demander pourquoi est-elle réellement venue. Rangiku remarks to herself that Momo made the spells her own and wondered when she got that strong, though she is happy that she is doing better. At first, Hitsugaya wasn't sure what she was talking about, but she calmly placed her hand on his chest and asked him if he heard a voice calling out to him. What do you think about the relationship between Gin and Rangiku, platonic, romantic? She then tells the others that the limit release has been approved, causing her, Renji and Hitsugaya to remove their seals.[44]. Before I thought Rangiku was raped because here you see that her robe was opened and here you see that it is … Alors que Rangiku s'effondre dans le ciel, Momo utilise le Bakudō #37 Tsuriboshi pour la rattraper et lui dit de tenir bon. She would regularly chastise him for neglecting his paperwork. 25/07/2007: 135: Kon is Deceived! She is well known for her curvaceous figure; of which her most distinctive trait is her very large breasts. When some settles onto Apacci's arm and cuts her Rangiku explains the power of Haineko, to which she then encloses the ash all around them forming it into a twister. Plus tard, Rangiku et le reste des Shinigamis envoyés par Hitsugaya tentent d'envahir la planque des Bounts, mais ils sont attaqués par la poupée d'Ugaki par surprise, et ne sachant pas de quelle côté viennent les attaques, se séparent et se font battre durement avant que du renfort arrive. This was also displayed in her battle with Harribel's Fracción, where she caused them to argue with one another as she attempted to defeat them with one concentrated attack. [42] As Hitsugaya faces off against Shawlong, Rangiku takes on Nakeem only to be easily defeated by the large Arrancar. While in her Gigai in the Human World, she has been shown to dress either very provocatively or stylishly. Elle utilise ensuite Haineko afin d'attaquer l'Arrancar d'un angle différent, mais Appaci bloque l'attaque avec un Cero et commence à se battre un contre un avant d'être interrompue par une boule de feu lancée par le Zanpakutō de Momo Hinamori. Rangiku's favorite food is dried persimmon, just like that of Ichimaru. Cherchant des Tōjū avec Haineko et des membres de la Dixième Division, Matsumoto aide à vaincre quelques Tōjūs. You're my kryptonite Rangiku~An Rangiku and Gin bleach fanfic. Isshin decided to investigate the situation personally, despite Rangiku insisting that he must report first to Yamamoto. Rangiku arrive dans le bureau d'Hitsugaya pendant que celui-ci travaille, et lui demande s'il a entendu parler du nouveau Capitaine de la Troisième Division. When the Bounts begin attacking living Humans, Tōshirō Hitsugaya puts together a team of Shinigami consisting of Rangiku, Izuru Kira, Shūhei Hisagi, and Yumichika Ayasegawa. Elle est très fidèle à son capitaine et semble être l'amie d'enfance de Gin. When he tries to protest she threatens him with bodily harm if he does not leave, which he does. someone clear this up for me, I dont want Kensei to be dead. While she was lieutenant under Isshin Kurosaki, her hair was shoulder length, and she wore a scarf, tied into a knot on her left shoulder.Rangiku has long and wavy blond hair, blue eyes, full lips, and a beauty mark located under the right side of her mouth. Bien qu'il semble être un début une personne dans le milieu de vingt ans, il est exceptionnellement mince et grand avec caractéristiques très prononcés, lui donnant un aspect squelettique, et porte des cheveux de couleur argent inhabituelle.i… Haineko s'enveloppe ainsi que Narunosuke dans son Shikai et le tue. 82%. Son laisser-aller et sa personnalité libre d'esprit créent un contraste frappant avec le caractère sérieux d'Hitsugaya ; malgré tout, les deux personnages semblent très proches. He destroys the hut, forcing all of them to flash-step away from the wreckage. 0. [97] Rangiku joins Iba and Sado in facing the Reigai-Komamura, but they are easily overwhelmed and forced back. The Reigai then destroy the technique at the cost of their own lives. Elle est témoin aux explications de Yoruichi racontant les détails derrière ce qui est vraiment arrivé au père d'Amagai, il y a des années, sous les ordres du Capitaine-Commandant. [36] When Ichigo Kurosaki, Renji Abarai, Orihime Inoue, Rukia Kuchiki, and Sado also arrive, they are attacked by Ugaki's Doll as well. [76], Gin tells Aizen that he will talk to her and grabs Rangiku. When both women were injured, Momo asked that Rangiku have her wounds treated first. [111] She goes to tell other Shinigami to retreat while she and her captain deal with Bazz-B. Elle n'hésite pas à utiliser ses charmes pour arriver à ses fins, comme le montre quand elle tente - presque sans succès - de soudoyer Ichigo Kurosaki pour séjourner chez lui. C'est, par ailleurs, Rangiku qui retient Momo Hinamori après sa petite escarmouche avec le lieutenant de la Troisième Division, Izuru Kira, lorsque son Capitaine, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, lui ordonne de les arrêter. She is drinking buddies with Shunsui Kyōraku and Shūhei Hisagi.[2]. [48] Luppi becomes bored and insists that they all fight against him 4 on 1 as he is going to release and take them all on as a group. Discover (and save!) [96], Rangiku participates in a meeting in Ichigo's room, where she listens to Nanao reporting on the situation in Soul Society. Comment. Nature. Ils se battirent et, rapidement, Rangiku réalisa que son Zanpakutō est devenu bien trop lourd pour qu'elle puisse le porter. While her hair has been consistently colored golden blonde in the manga, there is an orange tint to it in the anime, making it appear strawberry blonde instead. So kensei, rangiku, rose, and toshiro are zombies, but are they DEAD? Hurlant sur le propriétaire du magasin qui s'était montré désagréable avec Hitsugaya, ce dernier se retourna et fut frappé à terre en se cognant contre sa poitrine. Later, Rangiku appears with other members of the Gotei 13 in the Human World as they escape the Dangai and fend off Kagerōza Inaba. 1454 joués. [116] After Cang Du's defeat, Rangiku is turned into a zombie by Sternritter "Z" Giselle Gewelle, who uses her to fight Mayuri Kurotsuchi and the resurrected Arrancar.[117]. Lorsqu'elle lui demande pourquoi elle veut savoir cela, Haineko déclare nerveusement que c'était de la simple curiosité. When Rangiku begins to muse at the idea of when Izuru mastered his Bankai, Hitsugaya tells her that it is not Izuru and informs her that he himself doesn't know who it is. Il réalisa également que Gin n'aurait pas pu élaborer ce complot tout seul. 81%. [92] After fending off Inaba and forcing him to retreat, Rangiku joins other members of the Gotei 13 as they hold a meeting in Ichigo's room. Comment. Cependant, nous ne savons pas si il a succombé à ses blessures, ou si il est parti se cacher, car pour Soul Society, c'est un traître. Cependant, avant qu'il n'arrive à la frapper, les tentacules la retenant et celle avec les épines sont coupés par une attaque de Kisuke Urahara. It can quickly be mistaken for the … Before Reigai-Byakuya can finish them off, Yamamoto arrives and quickly defeats the Reigai. Her spiritual power is white. [64], Apacci makes the statement that she should take a break as the three of them are obviously too much for Rangiku to handle by herself, prompting her to use Shunpo to get in close, but she is caught by Apacci who throws her away. This of course also applies to the arrancar that Mayuri brought back. Find out. Rangiku VS Senna | BLEACH: HEAT THE SOUL 7 Gameplay (60ᶠᵖˢ) HD (2019) - Duration: 5:03. [88] Later, Rangiku decides to follow her captain to the Human World to help him, but not without having some fun first. Elle lui dit immédiatement qu'il fallait, Rangiku encourageant Toshiro à devenir shinigami. She asked, “Do you know what that squad is?” Xia Yan replied: “The Punishment team is the unit responsible for the execution of the sentence, killing any enemy who … [11] It was during this time that Gin asked Rangiku when her birthday was. Ichigo explains to Rangiku and Momo that Hitsugaya has fought his Zanpakutō Spirit, which returned to him, and he left Hitsugaya to rest. When Haineko says that she's "kinda glad" that she's still young, and Rangiku asks her why, Haineko playfully stats that she still has "plenty of time until I become an old hag", prompting Rangiku to warmly smile at her in response.[90]. Gin Ichimaru was a villain and a traitor, but his reasons for defecting paint a much different picture of the disgraced Soul Reaper. She dresses in the garb typical of Shinigami, though she lets her robes hang loo… qu'il arrêtait de répandre son reiatsu partout et de prendre un peu de repos. Rangiku répond que c'est très improbable, comme l'a affirmé le rapport de la Douzième Division, la majorité des Tōjūs perdent finalement le contrôle et passent à l'attaque. Elle descelle alors son Zanpakutō et tue l'Arrancar. Pendant la nuit, alors que la majorité des Shinigamis hauts-gradés du Gotei 13 sont rassemblés à la La colline du Sogyoku, Haineko passe devant elle en lui disant de se pousser. En dépit de son image nonchalante, elle peut être extrêmement sérieuse lorsque c'est nécessaire et se montre être une bonne combattante ainsi qu'une bonne stratège, comme on peut le voir quand elle utilise des taquineries habiles afin de manipuler les Fraccións de la troisième Espada pour qu'elles se chamaillent entre elles assez longtemps pour baisser leur garde et les attaquer. When Gin points out he did not ask how she got there, but why she came with such a shaky body, Rangiku asks him isn't it obvious, she came because he is here. They then find Ichigo being attacked by Haineko and Tobiume, and engage them in battle, while telling Ichigo to go. Even though Rangiku tells her that she understands, she slightly worries as she still addresses him as 'Captain'.

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